search engine optimization. simple in theory. difficult in practice.
e.a.t! expertise, authoritativeness, & trustworthiness. these are the 3 factors that google considers for optimization. our SEO squad digs deep into the depths of your website to research, implement, and upgrade the finer things in life: metadata, site speed, image alt-tags, schema and content strategy. we make sure your site is in full sight for google and your customers.

technical SEO audit

the sb team takes a deep dive into the backend bones of your website to inspect site structure and other technical factors. it’s an intensive health checkup to determine if certain issues are limiting your site’s organic visibility and search rankings.

keyword research

we nail down the popular keywords and phrases users type into search engines in order to build them into your site’s content to increase search ranking & traffic.

content gap analysis

opportunity is always an advantage. our pros nail down specific content opportunities to build on your site that fills a market “gap” or need based on user search intent.

content calendar creation

the sb internal ops team proactively builds a streamlined content calendar that functions as a strategic guide for all new and unique content being built for your website, month-in and month-out.

content and copywriting

our creative ninjas curate unique and targeted content pieces for your website that connect, convince, and convert new business. here, storytelling becomes story-”selling”.


it sounds like a giant transformers movie character but these small pieces of information implemented strategically on your website have a huge effect on your site’s search engine rankings.

url taxonomy

the sb technical team ensures your website works as a well-oiled machine by creating a hierarchy or “chain of command” starting from your top-performing, most important pages, and content in order to send optimal ranking signals and create a user-friendly flow.

image optimization

you know you do a google search then hit “images”? well, there’s a reason the images that show up first are there and the SB technical squad ensures that your site’s images are ready for their big moment in the spotlight.

schema markup

on top of everything else technical SEO, schema code allows your site to serve the most informative search results possible to users’ specific search queries related to your business. just a dash of spice on top to make it pop.

google my business optimization

the #1 website wingman in the game. convert organic search users into customers directly from your gmb profile with more inbound calls, messages, and 5-star reviews than ever before!


our team works as an outreach partner to place links on popular and highly trusted websites that link back to your site for more high quality traffic and visibility. think of it as “digital pr” for your business.